Good As Gold

1 season, 3 episodes

Get ready to up your travel game. Experts Peter Bragiel and Claire Marshall have been all over the planet, and now they’re sharing some of the favorite tips they’ve picked up along the way. From finding great late night eats to more Good As Gold will help you travel like a pro.

Season 1


Returning from vacation is hard enough on its own – we have a few great ways to make it easier. From making sure you have a fridge stocked with antioxidant rich foods to embracing dandelion tea, we’ve got you covered. Check out these Good As Gold tips and more from Claire Marshall (ohhaiclaire) and Peter Bragiel (pdrop) to help detox after your next vacation.


Proposing while on vacation can be an overwhelming undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be. To help you make the biggest question of your life a little easier, we got Claire Marshall (ohhaiclaire) and Peter Bragiel (pdrop) to offer up some helpful points along the way. From asking the locals for help, to packing the ring, this episode of Good As Gold is your cheat sheet to ace the vacation wedding proposal.


All over the world, there are tons of amazing late night dishes worth trying. To help make your dining decision a little easier, our hosts Peter Bragiel and Claire Marshall share the local favorites from Reykjavik, Cartagena, Tokyo and many more vacation destinations. Check out these Good As Gold pro-tips to help satisfy those 2AM cravings.